Friday, April 23, 2010

Aurora Adds Her Light to Candle's Collective Wishes

I've started this blog because I feel it is my duty to the earth and to all man and especially womankind to speak out against capitalism, racism, sexism, and all of the other assorted evils that beset our planet. I have been inspired to do this by another who explains her and my mission thus:
We who love peace demand that we all live as one under a just government. A government which will empower us towards a future where the world will be one and fair and equal. I am Candle, I am your Guide, and this is my struggle....
Candle, or as I like to call her Candelabra, is indeed a beacon of light and wisdom. Come, walk the path of our Collective Wishes that we may crush and stamp out intolerance in all its forms: white males, Christians, rich people, big business, big oil, and every other blight on our otherwise perfect world. Lead on, Candelabra! With your guiding light will we have equality and fairness for all (who deserve it).